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Volume of Plaies - Willughby, Francis 1665

Back Gammon, in the placing, playing, baring the men, binding up & opening the tables &c., differs nothing from Irish.

The onely difference is that dublets must bee plaied double, as if you throw 2 treas you must play 4 traies; if 2 cinques, 4 cinques, &c.

In Irish there can but a single game bee wun, but in Backgammon if you throw dublets the last cast of the game, or if you bare all your men before your antagonist have brought all his home into the last six points you win a double game. And if you throuw dublets at last & bare all your men to, before your antagonist get home, you win a treble game or 3 times as much as is plaid for.

Double hand Ticktack, Irish or Backgammon is, when 4 play, 2 on either side, and this is all one as when there is but one on a side if they should throw 4 dice at a time. They both throw the dice one after another & hee that has the best skill plaies them. 

They that have the dice throw but one of them the first time, but afterwards allwaies 2 of a side throw & then the other two.

The double hand of any of these is duller and wors then the single hand.

Of all games at Tables, Irish is counted the best.